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    Our Warehouses facilitate the storage for a few days although one needs to intimate about this requirement earlier so that prior arrangements assure the storage of luggage as it arrives. Truck drivers carrying the luggage are expert in driving and are well aware of the routes to be taken for safe and fast delivery of the commodities. They are well aware of the timings to cross the roads, terminals so that they meet minimum traffic and less hindrance on their way as they are experienced in the services of Packer and Mover in Kolkata They have GPS installed which facilitate road tracking for different destinations. The drivers are skillful and attempt the safe delivery of items at less time.

    The drivers are regularly in contact with the team members awaiting the arrival of commodities. After the arrival of material, team members proceed as per the instructions. Unpacking of the luggage is also the responsibility of the service provider therefore staff members pursue the process of opening the cartons and placing the items. The entire flow chart gives a brief illustration of the efforts put in by service providers to facilitate the process of shifting for their valuable customers.

    They understand the peculiarities at every stage and thus have arrangements for settling those problems so that promising services define them and establish healthy relations with their clients. In the entire process, customers can contact the service provider as per their choice. There is transparency in every step that service provider takes to win the trust and faith of the customer.

    The suggestions of the customers are valued and given importance. The service providers prove their loyalty towards the customers by providing insurance coverage to the customer in case of damage to the commodities and goods due to natural calamity or unfortunately an accident. We have tie-ups with insurance companies like Bajaj Allianz, United Insurance which shelter the risk of any damage to the commodities. These attempts reflect the sincerity on behalf of the service providers for the safe delivery of products. At every step, there is a supervisory officer appointed to re-check the work of the team members especially at the time of packing and unpacking the commodities. Scot facility along the loaded truck is an attempt to prevent the external damage and loss to the goods while they are in the process of transition.

    The continual efforts are being made to refine the services. Different types of new packing materials are put to use for better results. The technological advancements help in finding solutions to all the problems. GPS has played a vital role in solving the problem of finding directions and addresses. Application of such technology in services not only boosts the business but saves time, money and multiplies the profits. Same is the case with new packaging material which not only prevents the wear and tear of commodities from human mishandling but also saves the products from natural elements destroying them like seepage of water, cracks in glass due to direct exposure to sunlight and many more.

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