Bike Transport by Road

Bike Transport Charges by Road

If you need to transport your bike from one place to another, you might be wondering about the cost involved. Bike transport charges by road depend on various factors such as the distance, the type of bike, the mode of transportation, and more. In this post, we will discuss all the factors that affect bike transport charges and give you some tips to get the best deal.

Factors Affecting Bike Transport Charges by Road

  • Distance: The distance between the pickup and delivery locations is one of the most significant factors that affect the cost of bike transport by road. The longer the distance, the higher the charges.
  • Type of Bike: The type of bike you want to transport also plays a vital role in determining the charges. If you have a high-end or expensive bike, the charges will be higher.
  • Mode of Transportation: The mode of transportation you choose also affects the cost. If you opt for a closed container, the charges will be higher than an open container. Similarly, if you choose air transport, the charges will be much higher than road transport.
  • Time of the Year: The time of the year also affects the charges. During peak seasons, such as holidays or festivals, the charges are higher due to increased demand.

Tips to Get Best Bike Transport Charges by Road

  • Compare Prices: The first step to getting the best deal is to compare prices from different transporters. Make sure you compare the prices and services offered by at least three different companies.
  • Negotiate: Don’t hesitate to negotiate with the transporter to get a better deal. You can try to get a discount by offering to pay in cash or by referring their service to others.
  • Plan Ahead: If you plan to transport your bike during the peak season, make sure you book in advance to avoid the last-minute rush and higher charges.


How long does it take to transport a bike by road?

The time taken to transport a bike by road depends on the distance and mode of transportation. Generally, it takes around 7-10 days to transport a bike from one end of the country to another.

Can I transport my bike along with other household items?

Yes, you can transport your bike along with other household items. However, it is recommended to pack the bike separately to avoid any damage during transit.

Are there any hidden charges involved in bike transport by road?

No, there are no hidden charges involved in bike transport by road. However, it is recommended to ask the transporter about any additional charges that might be applicable, such as insurance charges or taxes.


Transporting your bike by road can be a convenient and cost-effective option if you choose the right transporter and plan ahead. Make sure you consider all the factors that affect bike transport charges by road, compare prices, and negotiate to get the best deal. With these tips, you can transport your bike safely and affordably to your desired destination.

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Our Bike Transport Charges by Road

Up to 50 KM Up to 500 KM Up to 1000 KM Up to 1500 KM
Rs. 2,500 – 7,000 Rs. 7,000 – 10,500 Rs. 10,000 – 15,000 Rs. 15,000 – 18,000
Note: This is an estimation cost, actual cost may vary depending upon situation, road conditions, furnitures, equipments, delivery time etc.

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