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Packing service by Laxmi Packers & Movers


We are one of the best Packers and Movers in Kolkata. The entire packing is done under supervision of our experts who are professionally trained and well known about the art of packing. We use various type of packing materials like as……

  • 1) Corrugated carton Boxes
  • 2) Corrugated Sheet (for all electronic, wooden, sofa, others)
  • 3) Air babuls ( for glass items, electronic, TV, monitor, others,)
  • 4) Tharmocals (for glass items, electronic, TV, monitor, others,)
  • 5) Tharmocal balls
  • 6) Plastic crate
  • 7) Lamination Roll
  • 8) Wooden crate
  • 9) Foam

Contact Us or Call Us on this number :- +91 8017183738, to get an quick help.

Loading :-

Loading is done by professional team under guidance of senior Supervisor to ensure proper box and articles placement.

Transportation :-

our transportation service are provide as per the client’s specifications and requirements. Transportation of goods is done by expert transportations staff. The Laxmi Packers & Movers is always committed to provide the best services with in time. The transportation services provide by us are unmatched as we have skilled drivers and trained staff to do so for valuable client.

Loading service done by Laxmi Packers & Movers

Bike transport service done by Laxmi Packers & Movers

Scot Facility :-

A Scot is always present when truck or container in transit. He always give information about the position of vehicles. According to your article list he deliver all good in you door.

Unloading :-

We unload carefully all the articles. Our expert worker know how to roll back the goods from the vehicles. How to handle the small/ Light goods.

Unpacking & Placement :-

According to customer supervision we unpack and reset all goods.

Car Carrier :-

We offer car transportation service. Cars comes as large car carrier and seem tough to be transported. We provide ultimate safe and scratch free transportation for your dream car.

Warehousing :-

We have own warehousing facility. The storage can be arranged on a short-term or long –term basis depending on your requirements.

Insurance :-

Our main concern is to make you stress free and deliver your goods in time without any damage. If any damage to your items occurred due to natural calamity or accidental occurrence, we provide insurance coverage. Our insurance partner are NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY, UNITED INSURANCE, BAJAJ ALLIANZ.

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